Message from the Editor: Eurovision 2019 and the Future of the Site

Hello everyone, I hope you are having a good week and are enjoying the recent increase in content on The Blogging DJ. A month ago I decided to put more focus into this site, producing content on a daily basis when possible and investing time and money into its future.

At the moment, the Eurovision Song Contest is right around the corner and there is a lot of content to get through. The current series of previewing every country’s entry is nearly complete, with just that of the United Kingdom to write up. Also, in just over a week’s time, the first rehearsals will start and this site will follow every single one of them, analysing the stage show as much as possible, building on it when the full version of the performance is released to the public in the second rehearsals. The next couple of weeks or so will feature small posts on features such as the OGAE (Eurovision Clubs) vote and a detailed look at the bookmaker’s odds.

Once the Eurovision Song Contest has finished and all of the posts related to it are wrapped up, this website will change in terms of design and content. I have recently invested in a new package that will allow me to tailor-make the site based on the content that is most popular. I am really looking forward to undertaking this. If you have any suggestions on ways that the site can be improved in terms of the quality of the content or the design in general, then leave your suggestions in the comments section below or drop me a message on my Twitter account,

Alongside Eurovision 2019, there are a couple of other features that I want to take further. Boxset Binge and Book Reviews will both be continuing on this site, as will feature posts on TV shows that I enjoy. These will be developed alongside the change in the website’s design. From now on, The Blogging DJ will solely be an entertainment review site, which unfortunately means that it is the end of sports features on here. However there is an undeveloped sister site standing by if I do decide to write about these again, which will solely focus on that. The Life Passions page and feature pieces on walks that I do will take a step back for now but again I might bring these back in the future.

It is going to be an exciting 2019 for The Blogging DJ and I can’t wait to share all of the changes and developments with you readers. This year has already been the most successful for the site, just a few months in. Thank you all very much for your support in the last few months especially. You all have given me the confidence to take the site further. I hope you all have a great day and I hope to hear your thoughts on the site soon.

Darcy Cox,
Editor at The Blogging DJ

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