In the past couple of years, The Blogging DJ has been interacting more with various forms of entertainment, from literature to TV and film. There are three regular features currently active on this site, with several ‘one-off’ editorial-style pieces posted from time to time. To not miss any new posts, subscribe to the blog by clicking the link on the page to be notified via email.

Here are the current regular features on The Blogging DJ:

Book Reviews

From Young Adult to Horror, Fantasy to Historical Fiction, I write reviews on many genres of literature. Subscribe to my Goodreads account at to see what I am planning to read next, and send me recommendations if there is a certain book you want me to read and write about.

Boxset Binge

Last year I decided to add a new feature to The Blogging DJ. Titled Boxset Binge, I would watch the whole season of a TV show and review it in full. Occasionally I have reviewed individual episodes or split the season into several parts if there was too much to say. If you have any suggestions for TV shows, drop a comment below.

Doctor Who Reviews

Separate from the Boxset Binge section is the page dedicated to Doctor Who reviews. The reason for this is that, in addition to looking at the contemporary seasons of the science-fiction TV show, I have also started to listen to and review audio adventures based on the classic 1963-1989 run, published by Big Finish. I also might start to look at the very first seasons in a special feature in the future as well.