My Passions

This page is dedicated to a series of posts that I will be writing regarding aspects of my life or in society that I am passionate about, whether it is something that makes up my identity or simply something I enjoy watching/doing. By writing these I hope you can get a greater understanding as to who I am, for I think it is easier for an audience to identity with someone who has many different sides and is open about them.

Life Passion #1 – Motorsport – Click here to find out why I am so passionate about many forms of Motorsport, such as Formula One, Rallying and Touring Cars.

Rally Car

Life Passion #2 – Non-League Football – Click here to read about my experiences of supporting my local non-league football club, as well as why I believe that watching a match of this calibre is a  great experience that more people should be present for.

Thurrock FC Stadium

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