The Boulet Brothers’ Dragula: Season 3, Episode 5 Recap – “No Throw Aways, Not Recycled”

*Warning: This recap contains spoilers relating to the results of the episode. Please do not read if you intend to watch unspoiled.*

Hello and welcome to The Blogging DJ. In this post I will be continuing to recap the third season of the alternative, horror-themed drag TV show that is Dragula. Presented brilliantly by the charismatic Boulet Brothers, this season has so far gone from strength to strength, with a bigger budget on set design, challenges that are testing the competitors in every field and exterminations that have ranged from the terrifying to the bizarre. Last time, the contestants were assigned with creating their own Dungeons & Dragons inspired character and then acting in a short film. After a brilliant look and performance, Evah Destruction won her second challenge in a row, whilst fighting hard in the extermination didn’t save Maxi Glamour. Seven competitors remain to fight for the title of America’s Next Drag Super Monster, and a $25,000 cash prize.

Listening to the safe contestants discuss who had probably gone home in the previous challenge was interesting, not least because Dollya knew she had messed up and made the right decision to save herself from extermination. Likewise, it was insightful to see all of them effectively rubbish Maxi’s chances of staying, even though she did better in her own way in the extermination challenge and her and Maddelynn actually had a worse track record in this competition. But I do agree with them, it felt like Maxi Glamour had ideas out of the box for every challenge but couldn’t execute them well or was reined in by team-mates. On the other side though, I think Maddelynn was a bit delusional about how good she was in the acting challenge; I always think that her looks have lacked the extra details some have had.

This week’s challenge is announced and it is a couture design challenge! They are given the task of creating a great look made completely from recycled and trashed materials and then will have to show their versatility with a live interview given by a mystery fashion correspondent. Think that sounds too easy? Apart from the use of foundation, they will only be allowed to use permanent marker pens and construction paper to paint their faces. This is a real trash queen challenge and it makes a good change from previous design challenges, since most drag artists have to create costumes out of whatever they can.

The trash queen challenge really hits home for Priscilla Chambers, as she came up with a persona like this back home in order to stay away from drugs that she had previously been addicted to. Maddelynn Hatter takes her to one side and lets her known about her own personal story, that she was homeless in New York for two years because of her addictions. It is a very real exchange and one that is abruptly ended by Hollow Eve’s laughter at the sight of her face in marker. I understand why Priscilla’s back is immediately up but she quickly joins the others in having fun with the markers and showing them how to contour their noses with it.

Honestly, Louisianna Purchase is really growing on me as a performer and a personality; her description of her outfit as “if Divine f**ked Lana Del Rey” was absolutely hilarious. I am also intrigued by Maddelynn’s Elizabethan style collar on her outfit. On the other hand, I am seriously worried about Priscilla’s focus during this challenge. Even if I understand the reason why she took complete offence, the fact she is in tears could seriously impact on what she comes up with, especially if she feels pressure as someone who uses those materials on a daily basis. It’s good that she feels better the following day. I also do appreciate Hollow understanding Maddelynn’s talking to Priscilla as a place she should not intrude in; earlier in the season, she may have not chosen that. The relationships between the competitors are turning into something akin to a family and I think that is really showing the bond that drag performers can have to understand each others’ problems.

Tonight, the Boulets are fitting the theme with matching pink dresses that look like if the Pink Ladies were in the apocalypse and overwhelmed with cockroaches. Joining the pair to judge tonight is the winner of Season 2 of Dragula, Biqtch Puddin’, who is looking ghoulishly beautiful with her crown and sceptre, and also horror actress Felissa Rose. In alphabetical order, here are my thoughts on the Trash Couture looks the contestants have pulled together and how they performed in the interview, opposite the hilarious Disasterina, another competitor from Season 2.

Dollya Black
I think they used the most variation in materials compared to everyone. It certainly is one of the more detailed designs but I’m not sure the rodent face brings it all together. Was just good in the interview.
Evah Destruction
I love that she chose to create an outfit made of razor blades and chose not to shave. It may seem simple but it is also focused and bright compared to most. Probably did the worst in the interview.
Hollow Eve
This is quite simple, but at the same time it isn’t taken far enough for me. I wouldn’t have known a theme had it not been said in the Boudoir. I think Disasterina’s confused face was the best thing about this interview.
Landon Cider
Always brings so much detail to his looks and I love that he incorporated his floor show movement to tell a story. Not sure it reads trashy, though the explanation in the interview helps.
Louisianna Purchase
Similarly to Evah, the use of colour in it does make it stand out but I’m not sure about the silhouette. The slime eating is pure “filth” though. Had a good rapport with the interviewer, good that she is having fun.
Maddelynn Hatter
Like Hollow, this is mainly white but the structure of the tutu-esque lower half, plus the face and the spray turning it to black, sells the look. Think she lacked composure and her mind went black in the interview.
Priscilla Chambers
Love the structure of the dress with the two-tiers, extra detailing in the trash bags help raise it above the usual. One of the few to really made me laugh with their interview.

Generally, it was a good floor show, with many of the concepts being way up there. I’m not surprised when the Boulets say that the deliberation for this was one of the hardest in three seasons. Maddelynn Hatter was announced as being safe, which was deserved based on the floor show, however she was asked to stay on stage. Louisianna was given great praise on her colour palette and for her interview. The judges raved over Dollya’s look but felt her personality didn’t come through in the interview. Landon was also given praise on the look but it was covered by him crawling on the stage; his interview was also just okay. Before she received her critiques, Hollow broke down on stage and apologised to Priscilla for earlier in the week. She then was given poor critiques on her interview and the lower part of her look for having no silhouette. Hollow’s defence mechanism then kicks in and there is a moment as she tries to give her reasoning behind the concept and for the lack of a finished look. She is then told that everyone is glad that she is on the show and that the message is great. For Priscilla herself, she is praised on taking her own story and mixing it with an awesome look, as well as a great interview. Evah was critiqued on a look that was too simple and for not relaxing and having fun in the interview.

Priscilla Chambers was announced as the deserved winner of this week’s challenge and as she says, it also represents closure from her past. Dollya and Louisianna are also announced as being safe. After a brief pause, Landon Cider scraped through, leaving Evah Destruction and Hollow Eve to face extermination. Or are they? To the shock of everyone on stage and watching at home, every competitor (with the exception of Priscilla) will be up for extermination, to see who isn’t filthy enough. But the Boulets go on to say that only Evah or Hollow could be eliminated tonight; things are not looking good for Hollow Eve on the basis of track record.

The extermination challenge sounds like a lot of fun, a roach tube race, in which each competitor will attempt to blow a cockroach in a tube into the mouth of their opponent. Once in the boudoir, Hollow Eve (to the annoyance of everyone else) takes the critiques extremely personally and goes on to go on a long rant about why her art is valid. I understand that each queer performer brings something different to the stage but it also comes across as condescending, as though the others are beneath her in what they represent. Louisianna and Landon go on to win their heats but, crucially, Evah blows the roach out of Hollow’s end. As expected, Hollow Eve becomes the fifth to exit Dragula Season 3, reaching a suitably trashy ending as she is suffocated with a plastic bag.

So what did you make of this episode of Dragula? Did the right person go home for you, and who do you think is looking good to win this season of the show? Let me know your thoughts in the comments section below and stay tuned for future recaps of the show in the coming weeks.

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