Coming Up on The Blogging DJ: Eurovision and Literature – 19/01/19

As my regular readers will have spotted, I have made more of a push this week to publish more on The Blogging DJ. That is set to continue, with several posts being planned for release in the next few days.

We are well in Eurovision season now. This weekend sees Spain picking their representative, France picking the second batch of acts to progress to the final and Hungary starting their A Dal national selection, and I will try to do a post on each of these, reflecting on the staging and results. Lithuania are also continuing their selection process, but I will pick that up, maybe at the semi-final stage. Finally, on Wednesday 23rd, the BBC will be announcing the songs and artists that could represent the United Kingdom; I will of course give all of my thoughts on that. If I have time, at the end of the weekend, I will also review the songs in the Latvian/Icelandic/Romanian national selections, which start next weekend.

If you are waiting for my next book review, don’t worry about the sudden increase in Eurovision posts. I have written a draft review of Alan Hollinghurst’s The Folding Star and that should also be out in the coming days. I’m also going to attempt to start my next couple of books, The Loney by Andrew Michael Hurley, and Vicki Pipe and Geoff Marshall’s The Railway Adventures in the coming days also.

If you have any thoughts about my upcoming posts or you have any advice to better the quality of this site, then comment below or drop me a direct message on my Twitter account, @TheBloggingDJ. Hope you all have a great weekend and I’m looking forward to hearing from you soon.

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