Big Brother (UK) 2016: Launch Show Review

Every year I make an effort to at least watch the launch show of Big Brother, a series which in the past was the subject of scandal and controversy. Every year I notice a steady decline in quality, both in housemates and the format.

Yesterday was the worst Big Brother launch show of all time. However, it wasn’t down to the change in format to include “The Others”, a group of people known to the housemates who are trying to steal their place. That, I must admit, is a good twist to the system. Nor was it down to Emma Willis, still as bright and personality filled as ever.

I wish I could say the same about this year’s crop of housemates. Yes, they do have personality, I’ll give them that. The personality for the majority of them are desperate wannabes who are there because of the ever-growing influence of PR companies. Most of them have appeared on various reality TV shows or had a kinky three-way with some unknown sports star. They will get an unfair advantage in votes with all of their connections to other “celebrities”. They should not be representatives of the “People’s” version of Big Brother.

This is what Channel 5 can’t seem to grasp. In recent years they have pulled out every twist in the book, new house, bringing back old housemates, shock evictions(!). But what people want to see, more than (staged) drama, are real people having real problems. Because then the public can identify with them. Channel 4 got it right back in the day with a good balance of wannabes but also ordinary people who have had 9-5 jobs all of their lives and are looking for the experience of a lifetime in the house.

I fear that this could be the final nail in the coffin for Big Brother. It had its day several years ago when the format felt fresh and the housemates were likeable as well as identifiable. The overnight figures were not great from the point of view of the broadcaster and I think it’s time that the show took a well needed rest.

Did you watch the show last night and if so, did you like the change to the format and the new housemates? Tell me your opinions in the comment box below.

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