2014 FIFA World Cup

As a football fan and as a sport fan in general, the FIFA World Cup is probably one of the biggest events that can occur on the calendar. This year the World Cup is being held in Brazil from the 12th of June to the 13th of July, and features 32 teams who are hungry to lift the trophy. This World Cup could be one of the most open ever, with several nations looking like contenders for World Champions. During the World Cup I will be writing daily reports on the matches that have occurred, as well as more detailed match reports on big matches, including those played by England. I have no idea who will win, so I’m going to sit back and enjoy the next month of footballing brilliance (hopefully)!

Read my preview of the 2014 World Cup here.

World Cup 2014 Article Archives

Week One- Group Stages

Thursday 12th June
Opening Ceremony & Brazil-Croatia Report

Friday 13th June
Match Reports

Saturday 14th June
England-Italy Match Report
Other Match Reports

Sunday 15th June
Match Reports

Week Two- Group Stages

Monday 16th June
Match Reports

Tuesday 17th June
Match Reports

Wednesday 18th June
Match Reports

Thursday 19th June
England-Uruguay Match Report
Other Match Reports

Friday 20th June
Match Reports

Saturday 21st June
Match Reports

Sunday 22nd June
Match Reports

Week Three- Group Stages

Monday 23rd June
Match Reports

Tuesday 24th June
Match Reports

Wednesday 25th June
Match Reports

Thursday 26th June
Match Reports

Week Three & Four- Round of 16

Saturday 28th June
Match Reports

Sunday 29th June
Match Reports

Monday 30th June
Match Reports

Tuesday 1st July
Match Reports

Week Four- Quarter Finals

Friday 4th July
Match Reports

Saturday 5th July
Match Reports

Week Five- Semi Finals

Tuesday 8th July
Germany-Brazil Match Report

Wednesday 9th July
Argentina-Netherlands Match Report


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