Canada’s Drag Race: Season 1, Episode 6 Recap – “Star Sixty-Nine”

Hello and welcome to another post recapping the latest spin off of the hit reality TV competition RuPaul’s Drag Race. The show has headed north to assess the Charisma, Uniqueness, Nerve and Talent of the very best of Canadian drag in the debut season of Canada’s Drag Race. Across ten weeks, twelve drag performers will battle it out to win $100,000 and the title of “Canada’s First Drag Superstar”.

Last week, the queens competed in the most iconic challenge in the entire franchise, the Snatch Game. Creating a brilliant and funny impersonation is tough, but Jimbo slaughtered the competition with her Joan Rivers to win her first challenge of the season. For the third time in five weeks, BOA narrowly escaped lipsyncing and even got a warning for not bringing it. That dishonour went to former frontrunner Priyanka, who bombed as Miss Cleo. But it was Kiara, despite a highly energetic lipsync, who became the fifth to be eliminated from Canada’s Drag Race. As a side note, the vast majority of those who mainly wore white in their promotion shot got eliminated very early on, a warning to future queens on this show.

*Warning: This recap contains spoilers of the episode’s results and elimination*

Canada’s Drag Race Season 1 Promo (Crave/Out TV, 2020)

The episode starts with the seven remaining contestants reflecting on Kiara, who had hilariously used a whole tube of lipstick in her goodbye mirror message to write her name in big letters and then “have fun cleaning”. I feel honestly like Kiara was doomed from day one to act as filler, being the star of the “Her-itage Moments” acting challenge, which is a shame because she clearly had a lot of personality underneath the surface. One more note to make in this opening segment is that I am sensing a lot of frustration from Scarlett BoBo, who has had only one outstanding week in individual critiques, and I can see the flashes of irritation when Priyanka (who is still very confident in spite of her drama last week) jokingly doesn’t name her as competition. Now that there have been four different winners in five weeks, it is anyone’s game still.

The mini-challenge for this episode is an improv challenge where the queens have to act as hot-line mystics, which obviously riles Priyanka slightly, but she is such good TV that it is hard not to laugh at her reaction. The queens have to pick up the phone and answer a call from a mystery person, who is revealed to be Crystal, the creative and daring queen from RuPaul’s Drag Race UK, who originally comes from Canada. It is great to see her again, and she looks good too! The contestants all do a great job to me honest, making me and Jeffrey Bowyer-Chapman laugh several times, but the winner is Lemon for the second week in a row, who wins some designer sunglasses.

The main challenge is for the queens to split up into three teams and create commercials for brand new drag queen law firms. Challenges like this are either great or a hot mess. As the mini-challenge winner, Lemon gets to pick who works with who, which she is relishing. She pairs Ilona and Scarlett together, but her tone riles Scarlett up once again. Lemon picks Priyanka as her acting partner, which could work very well, and puts together Rita, Jimbo and BOA, the latter seeming very determined to win the challenge.

Lemon and Priyanka are quickly very excited and throwing ideas down on the page, all of which sound good to me. Rita, Jimbo and BOA come up with a concept but are stuck on the name; it is clear the three have different working styles and they will need to combine forces; with so few queens left in the competition, safe is no longer an option. Ilona and Scarlett initially are working very well together but there appears to be some massive disagreements on the horizon, most notably with how the commercial will be edited. This sissyhood is in danger of vanishing.

Lemon and Priyanka impressed judge Stacey McKenzie with how prepared they were, managing to get through all of their material and keeping her attention. BOA is having a bit of deja-ru, not remembering her lines as in episode 2, and the whole commercial seems to be a mess with having too many ideas, but Jimbo is showing the same kind of energy that made audiences fall in love with them in the premiere. Ilona and Scarlett are in big trouble it seems, running out of time, forgetting about the props and spending the thirty minutes screaming, but Stacey seemed to love them.

It is time for runway day, and the queens all seem to be very tired of the “Sissy” vibe that Ilona and Scarlett have spent the last few weeks doing. Lemon is also facing heat from Scarlett for apparently being fake and also vindictive for how she paired the teams, to which Lemon says “So you don’t think this Sissy [Ilona] is talented”, THE face-crack moment of the episode. The theme for this runway is Canadian Tuxshedo, which is not drag’s answer to tailoring but denim on denim on denim, inspired by when Bing Crosby was turned down entry to a casino for being too casual. Conversation goes from bachelorette parties to a very dark tale from BOA where someone beat up them very badly for refusing to sleep with them after bringing them home. This story has a positive take though, that the queer community rallied around them and highlighted how they support each other.

Now, it is time for the runway. This week’s guest host is funny man Tom Green, and here are what the seven bring for their Canadian Tuxshedos:

Scarlett BoBo
Ilona Verley
Rita Baga

After watching the three commercials, this is the first time no queen is sent back as safe. Scarlett receives great reviews for her acting and for adding splashes of neon to her denim outfit. Her partner Ilona on the other hand was critiqued for showing too much of her ass on the runway and for a high energy yet one-note performance. BOA is still not letting go and is in her head again, and her wings were hilariously compared to guest host Tom Green to his church play outfit as the wind. Jimbo was praised so much for her klub kid fashion sense and for her acting in the challenge. Rita was praised for being the most beautiful she has looked thus far on the runway, whilst the unpredictable nature of her bilingual comedy also received rave reviews. Priyanka was praised for her acting but her runway look was very safe. Lemon was praised in a way for her acting but was called out for having the same character that she won “Her-itage Moments” with, and her outfit was read for being poorly executed.

Now comes the question that us viewers love: who should go home tonight, and why? It appears that the queens have decided tonight’s bottom two, as Scarlett, Ilona, BOA and Jimbo all say Lemon based on the runway, whilst Rita, Priyanka and Lemon say Ilona for playing herself in the maxi-challenge. Backstage, Lemon gets called out by BOA for being fake, which I am not sure about, as she puts on a persona, the same as many of this year’s crop. Lemon isn’t happy with the girls, most notably BOA and Ilona, and states that she is not there to make friends any more.

Rita Baga becomes the first queen to win three challenges in this competition with her polish and acting skills, two more than anyone else. The competition is really going her way so far. Jimbo, Scarlett and Priyanka are all named as safe, which leaves Ilona, BOA and Lemon. As I thought, Lemon escaped the bottom two and I hope to see a more focused and determined queen in the next few weeks now she knows what the others think of her. BOA received a warning and didn’t improve, whilst Ilona was much of the same. The lipsync song is to Alessio Cara’s “Scars To Your Beautiful”, a beautiful song if you can relate to the words. The reaction is noticeably more muted than in previous weeks, but I think, though BOA started off well, Ilona was feeling the lyrics in her face and her body. The judges agree and Ilona Verley lives to fight another week, but for how long? That means BOA, the Bitch On Arrival, becomes the sixth to be eliminated from Canada’s Drag Race.

Next week, the queens are entered into the first pageant in Drag Race herstory. Who will come out on top, and who will have to settle for Miss Congeniality. You can read my recap of episode 7 of Canada’s Drag Race in a week’s time.

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