The Boulet Brothers’ Dragula: Season 3, Episode 2 Recap – “Vampire”

*Warning: This review contains spoilers as to who was eliminated from the competition. Do not read further if you are planning to watch the episode*

Another week is upon us, and that means it is time for another episode of The Boulet Brothers’ Dragula, the search for the World’s Next Drag Super Monster. Last week the competitors were tasked with creating their very own super-villain look and, after refusing to complete the extermination task, to skydive out of a airplane from 18,000ft, it was Violencia! who became the first casualty.

For this season, it appears that there will be more scenes of the monsters out of drag in the crypt (their version of a workroom), which I think is a good choice, since you get to appreciate the transformation into their alter-egos a lot more. The fact that most thought Maxi Glamour would be eliminated didn’t really surprise me; I didn’t think that her super-villain outfit fit the task. But she is back and seems to have a new lease of life so it will be intriguing to see how she will do this week. As for Violencia!, this was the first time anyone has chosen not to do the extermination challenge, and the Boulets’ make a quick remark when giving out the challenge for this week.

The competitors are instructed to create a vampire look and perform a burlesque number using a fan they will also design. They can choose to go in the more romantic and beautiful, or horrifying direction. It is surprising that this task hasn’t been given out yet, in Season 3 of the show, though it will be one that will allow the audience to see the variation in the competitors’ styles. I remember Maxi Glamour saying she does burlesque in her performances and Louisianna Purchase having a femme fetale persona so I think they could be strong in this task.

Another interesting fact stated in the crypt was that some spent a lot of money on their outfits (Evah Destruction and Violencia! in particular) whereas others spent under $100 but did just as well, if not better. I think that with the rise of certain reality shows that had competitors critiqued because they couldn’t afford expensive costumes, this is a welcome relief. At the end of the day, most performers don’t make much money at all and what they do earn goes into their art. It is another reminder that Dragula is a show that embraces drag of all costs and angles.

After a couple of clashes in the crypt, between Maddelynn Hatter and Yovska, and Maxi Glamour and Dollya Black, it is time for the floor show. This week’s guest judges are Amanda Lepore and Bonnie Aarons, known widely as The Nun in The Conjuring 2. Here are my thoughts on each of the performances and looks.

Maddelynn Hatter
Standard creature of the night outfit.
Maxi Glamour
Looks gorgeous but is not reading vampire at all.
Landon Cider
Such a striking and clean look, can tell it is vampire with the eyes.
Priscilla Chambers
Apart from the rosery emerging from the mouth, nothing special.
Hollow Eve
Filth personified! Loved the details on this one.
Huh? This is as baffling as Loris’ zombie look from Season 1.
St. Lucia
Pretty but she would not be the lead vampire in the coven.
Dollya Black
No fireworks this week, lacks the concept others had.
Louisianna Purchase
Such a different direction from the others but the colours all work.
Evah Destruction
Another pretty standard vampire look, wig reveal for what?

Upon announcing the results of this challenge, the Boulets again bring up last week’s extermination and state that the show is designed to push competitors to overcome fear and go the extra mile. I agree that they did this, Violencia! knew what she was signing up for if she had seen any of the show’s history. Maxi Glamour, Evah Destruction, Priscilla Chambers and Dollya Black are announced as safe and can leave the stage. I agree with most of those placings, not being sure whether the Boulets would get Maxi’s style.

St. Lucia is commended on the consistency of her look but receives critiques from every judge on her snoozy performance. Landon is commended on every area of his performance, being called a “Triumph”. Likewise, Louisianna also receives praise on the performance and for a classy look that is so different from everyone else, but the judges want it even bigger for future challenges. Yovska is torn apart for a stumbling performance and an outfit that doesn’t read vampire in the slightest. The judges enjoyed every part of Hollow Eve’s performance and stated that she was simultaneously Drag, Filth, Horror and Glamour. Finally, Maddelynn Hatter was told she did a great job with the look but the fan didn’t come out once, which was one of the requirements of the challenge. After sending Louisianna Purchase off the stage as safe, and debating between Hollow Eve and Landon Cider for the victory, Landon won the vampire challenge. Despite not using her fan, Maddelynn was let off with a warning, meaning Yovska and St. Lucia were up for extermination.

This week’s extermination task will see the two sit down for a feast of fresh cow’s blood, flesh and organs, with the winner the one who could consume the most. Something similar was done last season with the alien feast. From the outset, you could see which of the two was able to consume a lot more without throwing up and could see the hunger in that person’s eyes. That meant that St. Lucia was staked and locked into a coffin, leaving just nine to fight for the chance to be the World’s Next Drag Super Monster.

What did you think of this week’s episode? Did you agree with who went home? Let me know your thoughts in the comments section below and stay tuned for more recaps of season 3 of Dragula.

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