Eurovision 2019 Rehearsal Report: Day Seven – Ranking the Second Rehearsals

Hello everyone and welcome to another article previewing the Eurovision Song Contest 2019. Eleven acts rehearsed their entry for the second time and the official Eurovision YouTube page has released thirty second clips of each of the performances today, as they will look to the television viewers. It’s time to go through them and rank who has the best entry from the perspective of the TV cameras, baring in mind we know about what the full performances will look like. This is my personal opinion on the second rehearsals on Day Seven.

11th – Latvia – Carousel – “That Night”

Uninspired in nearly every sense. The sepia filter actually made sense with the soothing tones of the song but now that is gone we are left with a very dull performance and bland colouring. This is the first mention in this post of the horrible wide shots; it makes no sense in an emotive performance like this.

10th – San Marino – Serhat – “Say Na Na Na”

In 2016, Serhat surprised everyone by making a dire song into something fun. This year he has turned a fun song into something dull, harming San Marino’s chances of making the Grand Final. Why does this seem so low energy for a cheesy dance song?

9th – Ireland – Sarah McTernan – “22”

I like the concept of this staging, bringing a 50s milkshake bar to the Eurovision stage. But this needed to be elevated to an 11, instead of a relatively safe 7, as the song isn’t the sort to smack viewers over the head and vote for it. As a result, the wide camera angles swallow this up.

8th – Moldova – Anna Odobescu – “Stay”

Another stage concept that I like in theory; instead of ripping off Ukraine’s 2011 performance, it has been revealed that the sand artist behind that created this too. But with all of the focus on the snow art, the camera angles fail to pay much attention to the actual performer in an emotional song. Mistake.

7th – Denmark – Leonora – “Love is Forever”

Even though it is the same performance as in the national final, the staging for “Love is Forever” is very sweet. What is less sweet is the fact that this clip takes place near the end of the song, yet there isn’t much to draw a viewer in, at the crucial moment.

6th – Romania – Ester Peony – “On a Sunday”

With a solid performance and good vocals from the performer, I want to like this performance more than I do. I just feel like it is trying to hit all of the right emotions but isn’t quite getting over the line. I want DRAMA. Maybe she should sacrifice a goat on stage?

5th – Austria – PAENDA – “Limits”

This is simple but it works well with PAENDA’s angelic vocals. I like the gold effect, not garish but classy, and I love the way that the lights shimmer on the triangles above the stage as though she is surrounded by stars. It seems this time that the wide camera angles were done right on this occasion too.

4th – Switzerland – Luca Hänni – “She Got Me”

I really wished that the delegation had taken the song down the jazz club music video, with cool styling and outfits. Instead it is a very generic pop performance. The red and black combination on the LED screens don’t do much for me, but it is professionally done and will attract voters.

3rd – Armenia – Srbuk – “Walking Out”

I’m glad Srbuk is bringing the fight to her live performance because it goes so well with the message of her song. She is very good at conveying passion and anger with her voice. It doesn’t have the impact of some of Armenia’s past entries, maybe added effects or other performers on stage would have helped but it feels raw and powerful.

2nd – Sweden – John Lundvik – “Too Late For Love”

In ways this is similar to Switzerland’s performance, a professional presentation with the performer surrounded by backing dancers. But whereas the former felt mediocre in style, the choices made in the costume and visual departments elevate this song yet keep the focus on the charisma of John and the backing singers. Nothing special, but very solid.

1st – Greece – Katerine Duska – “Better Love”

Another professionally styled performance but one that oozes character and class. The pink helps to add to the vibes of the song and the concept of nature they are trying to highlight and doesn’t feel kitschy at all. This song has a real identity, it is a modern tune no doubt, but isn’t the usual talent show performance, and this staging really compliments it.

So what are your thoughts on these rehearsals? Who had the best performance from the released snippets? Let me know your thoughts in the comments section below and stay tuned for more Eurovision preview articles in the days leading up to the contest!

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