Looking at the Eurovision 2019 Betting Odds After The First Rehearsals

Hello everyone and welcome to another article on The Blogging DJ, focusing on the upcoming edition of the Eurovision Song Contest, held this year in Tel Aviv. All of the semi-finalists have rehearsed at least once so without further ado, lets see how the betting odds are shaping up, courtesy of Oddschecker and Eurovision World.

Semi-Final One – Winners Market

In terms of the Winner market on Oddschecker, Greece has jumped ahead of Cyprus and taken a narrow lead after the first run of rehearsals, with Iceland not far behind. The big mover after their spectacular staging reveal is Australia, who are up to fourth. The Czech Republic have also made some gains after their first performance of “Friend of a Friend”.

Semi-Final One – To Qualify Market

In terms of the qualification markets, there has been a similar movement to the winner’s market, with Australia and the Czech Republic making big gains. The percentage refers to the country’s chances of qualifying for the final, so the top 6 or 7 look very safe in that aspect. Slovenia, Belgium and Estonia have all slipped down the leaderboard but the big shock in fan favourite Portugal, down in twelfth place and if that is true, it may miss out on performing in the Grand Final.

Semi-Final Two – Winners Market

In terms of the winner’s market for semi-final two, Netherlands are still the most likely to win by quite a way. The big mover after a great first rehearsal was Azerbaijan and Chingiz, who is nearly tied with Switzerland and Sweden. North Macedonia has also made some gains, whilst Armenia’s chances of winning the semi-final have drifted.

Semi-Final Two – To Qualify Market

In the market for qualification from semi-final two, the patterns are following a similar vein to the winners market. The big climber is Azerbaijan, who now looks to be a certain qualifier alongside Switzerland, Russia, the Netherlands and Sweden. North Macedonia has also made gains, whilst the progress of Norway and Armenia have stalled. Leonora from Denmark is currently tenth most likely to qualify for the Grand Final but a good live performance from Romania or Albania could see them progress instead.

Grand Final – Winners Market

After the first run of rehearsals, it still looks likely that Duncan Laurence will win Eurovision 2019 with “Arcade”. If anything, the second placed Sergey Lazarev has dropped away slightly. Azerbaijan has jumped up around ten places to being the fourth most likely to succeed. But from seventh place downwards, it is unlikely that any of these will be a surprise winner. This includes Iceland, who many see as being the dark horse in the same vein as Lordi in 2006.

So what do you make of the bookmakers odds for Eurovision 2019? Do you agree with the movers and shakers, and do you see any surprises incoming that haven’t been predicted by the bookies? Let me know your thoughts in the comments section below and stay tuned for more Eurovision preview articles coming in the next few days!

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