Hello everyone. For today’s post I am going to do something different. As you probably know from reading the posts on my site, I do a semi-regular feature on here called Boxset Binge, where I rush through a TV show and give my thoughts on it. Well I want to make this feature a more regular part of The Blogging DJ and I want to know what you think. Feel free to answer the polls on this page to give me some kind of indication about what kind of content you would like to see on here.

At the moment I am planning a review of the first season of Stranger Things and the first season of Riverdale. Would you want to read about my take on future seasons of these shows, or a completely different show?

I am looking forward to reading what you guys think. As ever, leave any recommendations in the comments section below, and I’ll see you all soon for more editions of Boxset Binge!