Discuss: What do the Changes to You Decide Mean for the UK’s Chances at Eurovision 2019?

After a string of disappointing and below-par results at Eurovision, the BBC decided in 2016 to bring back a National Selection process to choose the United Kingdom’s entry. Though the quality of songs have improved, the results are nowhere near the glory days of the 70s and 80s. Now, they have Tweeted about a big change to the selection process; will this improve the country’s results in the contest?

The BBC’s Tweet ( https://twitter.com/bbceurovision/status/1068443742502293504?s=19) alludes to six artists performing, as has been the case since 2016, but only three songs. This could potentially mean that two acts perform the same song, but in a different tempo or musical style, or that one song would be voted out by the public and the remaining two entries going head to head. The process has worked well for other countries, Lena’s victory for Germany in 2010 being the star example.

However, a very disappointing detail I have noticed about the most recent UK national selections is the lack of personality or soul in the song itself. Despite calling for submissions from the public, these have typically been mass produced by a writing camp in a few weeks. Even though the artists do try and put their own stamp on it, the results are generic and dull, and no flashy staging can make up for this pitfall.

This year, there are half the number of songs in the National Final, which means a smaller chance of a particular song connecting with the European juries and televoters. I’d see Lena as an anomaly in that her unique personality was able to bring the song to life. The singers in the last few years have been decent, especially Lucie Jones in 2017, but I didn’t feel that they completely connected with the song. In the past couple of months, house DJ JOWST, one half of Norway’s 2017 entry “Grab the Moment”, which finished in the top 10 and ahead of the United Kingdom entry, submitted several songs for consideration, but they were all snubbed. I really hope that the 3 chosen songs aren’t generic as hell if the UK wants to improve on a dismal run in the contest.

What do you think about this update?Does it match your hopes for the UK National Final in 2019? Comment your thoughts in the box below.

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